Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Day 1 Wrap up

Brad Wilson gave a talk about ASP.NET MVC and Dynamic Data - I like concepts they are proposing but I think it's still a bit young for real usage in a large project like we do at New World.  We did a prototype using ASP.NET MVC and I like the structure and code seperation - it's an amazing step forward and makes things much cleaner - but really felt like it was still being forced.  We can get some of the same benefits using MVC and MVP patterns but without the new bits.  And I do think if I was still consulting it would be something that I be using as a starting point and then pulling back as needed.  As this gets more mature I think it will be extremly powerful.

Next Glenn Block gave a presetation of the Managed Extensibility Framework - I really like this project since we already have a rolled our own version of this to handle the different state field reporting solutions.  It works for us since it give us nice seperation - but still makes the product feel fully integrated.  I'm excited to see how the different teams adopt this.  I know it is something that we will be looking into.


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