Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I suck at blogging...

I don't know why, but I'm just not even trying to use this. Maybe towards the end of the summer I'll try a little harder. I'm just finishing up my second class at U of M - Dearborn (working on my computer science graduate degree). The class was Object Oriented Programming and its Applications, it was pretty interesting. Well I gotta run, I need to do something before heading out to 'The Tavern on the Main', to watch the Pistons. See ya

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

iPhoto 05

originally uploaded by bkaraban.
Here is the main screen, you can see quite a lot of photos, and the many more albums - I need to create some folders and sub albums. Also, you can now add your movies directly to iPhoto and store everything in one place. So far so good.
Note: Click the photo to go to flicker and you can see a bigger version.

First Post...

Well, I've had this blog up and running now for almost two weeks, and I still haven't posted anything. Very useful. Well, you have to start somewhere I suppose.

Well 1st things first - Thanks for actually reading this. Now that's done, on to the interesting things.

I just installed iLife '05 on my Powerbook. So far so good, very smooth. iPhoto is just updating my library, so I figured I should toss up my 1st post. I'm very excited for this upgrade, the interface is much nicer then before. Stay tuned for some screen shots. We'll see how this goes - since I've never done this before.