Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Getting Started with Twitter

Why should you twitter?
You like the social aspect of Facebook or MySpace, but get tired of all the applications and invitations. You want to know what your friends are up to, but don't want to deal with the rest. Also, having to check in every so often gets old – why not be alerted to updates.

What is twitter?
Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service
that allows users to send "updates" (or "tweets"; text-based posts, up to 140
characters long) to the Twitter website, via short message
(e.g. on a cell phone), instant messaging, or
a third-party application such as Twitterrific or Facebook. [Wikipedia]

How do I twitter?
Well, first you sign up for an account at Then you choose to follow some friends and how you want to be alerted when your friends send updates. The three most popular ways are

  1. SMS – Add your cell phone receive text messages for each update (normal text message rates apply)
  2. Instant Message – Receive the update via GTalk
  3. Desktop or Smart Phone applications – I've heard a lot about twhirl on the Desktop (Windows or Mac) and for Windows Mobile Smart Phones tinytwitter.

What about all my stalkers – won't they follow me?
Yes – unless you mark your account as private under the main settings page, which then allows you to choose who follows you.

Hooray, I setup my twitter account – now what?
If you like me, follow me.
If you have Facebook – add the twitter application and allow it to update your Facebook status.

Have fun and let me know if you have any questions...

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